Frequently Asked Questions

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How does it work?


  1. You send us documents in minutes via your FREE Hubdoc account

  2. We do all the work

  3. You get clear financial reports and expert advice from your new friends (that’s us!) 😉

How will this help my school?



  • Save money on a host of staffing and operational costs (not to mention the opportunity cost with the time you just gained back).

  • Save time for you and your staff by outsourcing much of the day-to-day work. We also can help you streamline some of your office processes for greater efficiency. This gives you time to focus on mission-critical relationships and initiatives.

  • Get expert guidance and insight from someone who actually enjoys school finance. Imagine the value of just ONE key strategic decision for you and your board.

  • Improve internal controls to minimize fraud risk and stay in compliance with state scholarship programs.

Is it secure?


We only use the best modern technology & security standards to ensure that all of your data is super-safe and secure. 

  • Read-only access so we NEVER have the ability to actually move your money

  • Increased internal controls to help prevent fraud

  • Dual Cloud Backups of all your data with and encrypted file management

  • Use of the #1 leading cybersecurity software - BitDefender

  • Password best practices with Lastpass

  • Two-factor authentication to prevent unauthorized access

  • Digital security best practices

  • Remember, everything is yours. This is your data, and you have access to all of it anytime you need it.

Is it really cost-effective?


I mean, let’s assume a best-case scenario...

  • You have a superb staff member who you have been able to keep on staff at $12/hour. Half her time gets spent on bookkeeping-related tasks. That’s $12,480 annually for bookkeeping. 

  • But don’t forget about FICA taxes ($955), benefits ($$$), staff expenses ($$), resources ($), and office space. Very, VERY conservatively that is over $14,000, not to mention all the strategic financial work YOU still have to do!  

  • What if we could reduce that time spent by 90% AND improve your school’s financial health? 

When you find people like us who specialize in bookkeeping and financial management for schools, we can provide exceptional value at a reasonable price because we are good at this one thing.

Can you help with scholarships, vouchers, state funding, and capital campaigns?


That is one of the unique needs of many Christian schools. You have specific guidelines to follow for scholarships and fund tracking, and we can even be the primary point of contact with your licensed CPA for your reviews and audits. We help ensure that your financial records are properly maintained and that you are in compliance with all necessary organizations. We also help ensure proper tracking of incoming and outgoing funds related to different income sources.

Will we still have to do anything?


It actually depends on the level of service you choose, but we do SIGNIFICANTLY reduce the time you have to spend managing your finances. In any case, there are still a few small tasks that you have to do. Some of these are things that require relationships with your families or an in-person touch, and others are important to help prevent fraud.

  • Scan paper bills and receipts to HubDoc 

    • With your new free HubDoc account and scanner, you can send documents to us in minutes a day.

  • Invoice parents 

    • We can help you streamline and automate this process, but you will still need to send invoices to parents.

  • Collect in-person payments

    • In-person payments of checks and cash will have to be done by an office staff person since, you know, we are not “in-person.” However, we can help you implement easy digital payment options and processes for in-person payments.

  • Make physical deposits to the bank

    • Again, this has to be done in-person. It also keeps money in your hands instead of ours, which protects your school.

  • Sign checks occasionally

    • Signing checks must still be done by an authorized signer.