Bookkeeping is focused on financial transactions in the past.

Business Advising is focused on financial insights and strategies for the present and future.


I utilize a comprehensive approach that incorporates all three to get you on a path to experience true financial freedom in your business.


Here are some of the included features and services:

Quickbooks/Xero Setup, Training, & Optimization

Need your accounting software setup for the first time? Want to make sure you did it right yourself? Whether you are trying to set up a Chart of Accounts, automate your invoicing, or connect to your eCommerce site, we can make it happen.

Accounts Receivable & Accounts Payable

Cash flow is a major issue for many small businesses. Timely issuing of invoices, regular follow-up, and thoughtful bill pay are essential for managing your money effectively. We can put an efficient system in place that puts money in your pocket quickly and puts you in control of money out.

Bank Reconciliations & Categorizing Transactions

Whether you are months behind or simply ready to stop doing it all yourself, I can take care of making sure all of your transactions are properly categorized and all your accounts are reconciled every month.


Payroll can be annoying, and sometimes confusing. Time to find a better way. I partner with payroll experts to help set you up for the easiest payroll you'll ever experience.

Financial Reporting, Forecasting, and Budgeting

You probably need to spend more time working on your business instead of in your business. Get clear insight into how you did last month, last year, and how you are projected to do into the future. Create a strategic financial plan that you can use to make data-driven decisions that will help you grow your business.

Tax Season Preparedness & Cleanup

I can make sure you have your books caught up and organized so that you can close out your year and file your taxes as easy as 1-2-3.

Your business and customer data is extremely important, which is why digital security cannot be left to chance. I use only exceptional security software and best practices to keep your data safe. Dual cloud backup with Rewind, best in class security software with BitDefender, and encrypted password/data storage with Lastpass.

Top-level Security

I leverage the best of old-school wisdom and advanced technology to provide the best service to my clients. Automation, app integrations, and cloud technology allow you to spend less time managing your finances and more time caring for your customers and growing your business.

21st Century Technology